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Friday, May 24, 2013

Get Fashionably Fit in Old Navy Activewear!

This journey entails a girl and her friend going to find awesome Activewear courtesy of Old Navy and Crowdtap! Old Navy is one of them places no matter what your mood is for clothing, be it you want to go swimming, dress your infant, or get fit, you can always find a great look for prices that leave you splurging on more than what you came in for! Crowdtap awarded me with the opportunity to do a sample share with one friend. I received a coupon for my friend and myself, redeemable for an activewear top and bottom.

This was sweet nirvana for us. We are a couple of girls who like to workout and often go walking, yoga, and hiking together.

Going into the store, they had a special section dedicated to Activewear and everything was well organized and very open. I think they were getting new stock in because normally they have a lot of tables or racks in the center of the sections. I love that the store was so neat and organized. Made it very easy for my friend and I to shop. Though we were not looking for clearance...I noticed they had an abundance of it everywhere.

My friend settled on a cute pair of black activewear pants and a grey v-neck. I really wanted something cooler on the legs, so I got some grey capri active wear pants and got the matching jacket for them colder mornings when I go walking or running.
Right when we got home we put on our outfits and went out into the front yard for a little volleyball. Wearing the outfits I felt confident and ready for any kind of exercise. I could even say that wearing the activewear made me want to be a more active person. I'm thinking because I looked so cute and my friend matched!

You know you can have a great time shopping and trying one Old Navy Activewear. Join Crowdtap and have a say with companies and do awesome sample shares like this one. Along with a chance to win gift cards. Its a win-win!

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  1. The journey of Old Navy Activewear is quite long and this brand has built up a great reputation in the market place. Even my mom loves their work out leggings, sports bras and tops. She is a fitness freak and never compromises with the quality of her fitness apparels.