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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fossil Tech Case Review

Sometimes I want to go out of the house and leave my purse at home. Its hard when with today's lifestyle you need your phone and money. Well I think I found a solution to the problem. The Fossil Key-Per Carryall Case.

I love this the design. So cute and a hot colors for the season. I can't think of nothing I can't wear with this case. At $30 bucks its a steal. There are so many possiblities of uses, whether you are using a phone or not. Honestly though I see myself using it with my phone because I never leave without it. The Fossil Tech Case has a little leather strap that is perfect if you want to carry it by itself. I found the strap fit comfortable over my wrist like a camera case strap. I also found you could put the strap around your purse if you did decide to take it and that way you have your credit cards, money, and phone in quick reach. If you go hiking the strap could even go around a belt loop on your jeans for a hands free trip.
There is a pocket in the front, I think would be great for chap stick, or even a house key. If I was going to the beach I could see myself sliding my glasses or contact case in there. Really a pretty deep pocket that could hold quite a number of small items.

Inside it is orange. Such a great color. It also has 3 pockets in the side for your cards or cash. Its compatible with the iPhone® 4/4s and iPhone® 5. I myself have a Droid Smartphone and found it as well fit into there nicely with ample room for my money. I did try various phones it the case. Everyone in my family has a different phone. The only issues I ran into was with my daughters phone. She has a Droid Razr Maxx, which is a rather large phone but then she puts a bling case over it for decoration. Her phone fit but I couldn't zip it. She said she would still carry it in her opinion just might not worry about zipping it.

Bottom line:

Pros: Various colors keep you never guessing what you will wear it with. The strap is super useful and offer many different ways to sport it around town.
Cons: If you are the type who put phone covers on, like the ones with many not be able to fit your phone in it or zip it up.
Verdict: For $30, this is a keeper and so useful. I say its a must purchase!

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I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Fossil.


  1. It's also really good for living on college campus. It's durable and lasts long. I bought mine in September 2012, and have used it daily since. It has been used & abused, yet still looks and works like new!

  2. Super cute case! Fossil makes such great quality products!

  3. Love the colors! I tend to miss place cases if they are neutral colors. Sometimes I wish I had something smaller to carry besides my purse, it looks perfect!

  4. so cute, love having that small size to take with me when a purse is to big

  5. this is just adorable. I have been thinking I needed something like that for running errands.