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Monday, April 8, 2013

WooliteWashed In-Home Boutique!

First off let me express, Crowdtap is so awesome! I had a chance through them to host a WooliteWashe In-Home party. I had a casual get together. A grill out and I didn't let just any food attend my party.

I had hot dogs with all the dressings. Chips and dip, baked beans. It was really a great assortment of food. Though I would love to say I just served any food...I knew what I was doing. I knew we would have some messy eaters and I could demonstrate how well Woolite worked.
This is a picture after I washed his jeans during the party. I used no stain stick or pretreatment. I really wanted to prove how tough Woolite was and how its not just for delicates! I think I proved my case!

I even lucked out and had my son come in from playing basketball with a huge grass stain. Funny how somethings just workout. I was sent a rockin' kit:

Party Kit Items
- 10 Woolite Samples
- Party Booklet
- $10 Gift Card for Buying Party Supplies

Everyone had a great time and I think I showed Woolite in a whole new light.

How do I get to throw such awesome parties, you ask? Well I'm a member of Crowdtap. You can join and I encourage it. Woolite is just one of the brands that I love that are involved with them. The have sample shares, and you can also earn gift cards! Not to mention get to work with companies, having a voice. Its so much fun! Join today...Where Consumers and Brands Collaborate!


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