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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This post is kind of different from what I usually post, its a rant. Do you ever go out shopping or to run errand and you see friends out. It could be friends you do chat with on a constant basis, friends you have on your Facebook but really beside liking the occasional status don't talk to anymore, or even someone you haven't seen since high school. The conversations are all the same you greet, say how great the other person looks, make some small chit chat and end with call me or we should hang out. I am the friend that throws the parties. I love get togethers and strive to get everyone together to hang out and celebrate...any occasion. I invite these people and then everyone has excuses why they can't come. You would think I'm asking them over to watch home movies of me giving birth. No, I'm inviting them over for free food, good times, maybe even the occasional party games to win prizes. Sounds fun to me. I wish I had friends like myself that had these kind of get togethers where all I'm expected to do is come over and enjoy.
I realize everyone has a time or two that they have something important to do that they made prior obligations to or even have to work, I know life can't be helped. Its just frustrating, and leaves me wondering if I should invest in the time to find more friends, with like interest. Where are these people, good people who enjoy a good clean fun time.
Sometimes I don't know if the stress of throwing parties is worth it. I usually do have a reasonable good turnout and I do have them true blue friends who no matter what try to make it, It's just them ones you invite over and over and they make excuse after excuse. I think in the end I know what I have to do and let go these people out of my life. Why have someone on my Facebook just so they can see what I'm up to but not really want to have an interaction with me. Just seems like a waste of time and energy. I guess there will always be them kind of people out there and I wonder if I have ever been this person to anyone I know. I really hope not, I see this as a character flaw and I would never want someone to see me in that light.
Feels good just to write it out, seeing the words on the screen make my point more valid and will really have me considering my future relationships with people.

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