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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Durex RealFeel Sample Share

Everyone who's married knows working on your relationship takes an everyday effort. I was lucky when Crowdtap picked me to do a Sample Share. I was already a Durex Sexplorers on their brand page and love and use their products already.
Crowdtap sent me 2 Durex RealFeel Condom 3 count packs. One for myself and one for me to give to a friend.

I choose someone close who I constantly talk about this kind of thing with, my best friend and neighbor.
I made a sexy night out of trying them. I sent the kids to grandma's and bought some unscented candles. Bought some sushi and chocolate covered cherries. Set up the bedroom with the candles and strawberries and the dining room as well with candles and added the sushi on one plate.

My husband came home from work and we had a romantic dinner, then retreated to the bedroom. We both thought the RealFeel were great. He said they had a great fit without being to desensitizing and I really couldn't tell the difference if he was wearing a condom or not. Which in my book was great! The lubrication on them were just right not to much and it didn't burn, sting, or cause a rash, which I have had in the past.

The next day my neighbor came over and she agreed fully and loved them. Said her boyfriend and her are actually closer now because just getting to use the RealFeel Non-latex condoms got them talking about sex and what they liked. She even when out that night and bought more!

In the end this was a great trial, not just for my husband and I but even for my best friend and her boyfriend. I think the feel was awesome and am totally picking some more up. If you have to be protected, this is the condom I would recommend for the natural sensation of using nothing. They get an A+ in my book!

You can try amazing products and become a Durex Sexplorer like myself by joining Crowdtap! Learn about amazing products, get to try them and who knows, your relationship could be brought to the next level!

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