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Friday, June 7, 2013

Tip-Off with Kia and CrowdTap!

I was the fortunate lucky girl in getting to host a CrowdTap party showing off the brand Kia!I got an awesome party kit which included,
Party Kit Items:
Kia branded mini Basketball & Hoop Set, $20 Gift Card for refreshments, Party Packet, and an added bonus! Which was another $20 gift card for the winner of the hoops game!
The weather has really been nice lately so I went ahead with a bbq. We grilled out bbq chicken and veggies.

I thought it would be a good touch to make goodie bags for the guest. I even did it for the kids sticking candy and toys in their bags.

We played games too, I had everyone who wanted to play a game of "Horse" and the winner got a $20 gift card. I also did another game for the kids and awarded the mini hoop Crowdtap gave me to them. Everyone had such a wonderful time. I think the party went about 4 hours. Some guest even stayed till night fall.

I really went all out on refreshments, I got a snow cone machine and made everyone snow cones. Also had cups of ice cream, which was perfect because it was a hot day!

I just love getting to spend time with friends and family. Kia and Crowdtap made that possible and I want to throw a huge shout out to them! If this is something you enjoy doing too...come join me and sign up for Crowdtap. You give your opinions, can host brand parties like the fabulous one I did, or even sample shares. They also have awesome sample shares. Join today! Girls125x125

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