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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tried the New Chicken Helper Parmesan Crusted Chicken?

Hello on this Fat Tuesday! Such a good day to get your fill on all kinds of yummy foods. Maybe you don't know what your going to make for dinner. May I make a suggestion? The new Chicken Helper Parmesan Crusted Chicken. I really loved this new Helper. It was nice because it wasn't just a all in one mix meal. It had the protein separate from the side item. The only items you need is chicken and milk. I also did a roll with mine just because I'm the type that likes to have a bread with every meal. On the box they have a salad, I guess I could have went that route and maybe next time I will venture that way. Not today though...its Fat Tuesday!

As you see there is not really much to this box. When I first opened it I admit I was apprehensive about this meal turning out to anything that resemble the picture on the box. Simple directions of boiling water for the noodles in one pot, and then chopping up the chicken breast and putting the seasoning with a bit of milk on the chicken and just frying the chicken in a pan. Presto! Dinner.

I want to not also that I was skeptical, not on the noodles because I've had experience with bagged noodle preparation before and could foresee the results, but the chicken after I battered it. The parmesan mix was sparse and sticky. I had to keep reapplying it. Though as you can see from the picture, the searing on the chicken worked out. I was in mid-turning the chicken, hence why some are golden and the others are still white looking.

Now for the final plating presentation. Oh how I long for some better looking dishes. Though the food does not look as though I made it from a box. I think if my husband had not known I was cooking this in the kitchen and kept checking on my because of the aromas going throughout the house, I could have totally passed this off as my own creation. Saying that I give this 2 thumbs up. Was simple to make, required minimum items with the product itself and gave a finished product that got a lot of "yum." And really that's what we want to achieve when cooking for our family.

Bottom line....I will purchase this again and will be on the look out for other flavors they may have for them easy 30 minute meals!

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