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Monday, February 18, 2013

Acne at 33! Finding relief on

I'm 396 months old, Ha, Ha, well 33 years old. I was just trying it in months like you do a toddler to see if that made me sound younger. I guess when you 33 that sounds better than saying a triple digit number to describe your age. Growing up I never really had bad acne. I feel really blessed because I've seen how acne can scar and really cause damage at a young age. What I did not expect is to be getting worse acne now that I'm older. gave me a great opportunity to try out their Redmond Clay Facial Mud.

I was intrigued because its all natural, no chemicals and reading the front of the bottle says, "facials, acne, deep cleanse, draw toxins, remove impurities, and tone skin." All things that draw me in. So I clean my face with a gentle cleanser before putting this clay on. First surprise...the "clay" wasn't red.

I guess my stereotype of clay would be that its red. I don't know why but when I saw it was greenish and translucent not a robust, thick, gritty consistency. I was relieved though because glided on my skin like silk and as you can see, not to scary with it on.

Redmond Clay recommends putting it on about 1/8 inch thick. I did not and was a bit heavy handed. Think I got a bit to much into putting it on my face. First putting it on it felt chilly, then got a bit tingly and I noticed by the time it was almost dry, my face was itchy. I am assuming it was drawing out my impurities. I must have had a lot.
I washed it off and dried off. My skin was very, very smooth. I noticed my pores look smaller and my pimples seem to be already drying out and healing as soon as 3 hours after washing off the mask.
I recommend this product if you are like me and are going through the adult acne faze, you need some rejuvenation from the elements, or just want to pamper yourself. sells Redmond Clay Facial Mud for $6.99. I feel like its worth it for the 4 oz tube. friend referral program offers shoppers the ability to send their friends and let them save $10 and then give you $10 to spend also! That would well pay for the Redmond Clay, right?
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