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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spice Up Your Style in Old Navy Dresses this Fall! Review

I am a proud member of the Style Council on Crowdtap. From time to time they do sample shares where they allow you to get an item(s) of clothing and try them out. They also include coupons for so many friends. This particular sample share included a coupon for myself and one for a friend to get a dress at Old Navy.

There were a lot of different styles right now. I was glad to see some long sleeved dresses for the holidays and loved that a lot of them came with belts. They were very figure flattering too. I still have a bit of baby weight to lose so giving the image of a new waist is important. I tried on this black dress and fell in love. I like that it can go to any size really. You control how tight it is by the ties.

Next there was this Purple dress, which I bought in addition to the black dress. I loved the little belt and I thought there was a lot I could do with this dress such as dress it up in scarves or even gaudy jewelry. Heck I was even thinking by itself it looked really sophisticated and I could see myself at any holiday party it this purple gem.

My friend and partner in crime chose a dress like my purple one. Melina, chose black. It really makes her look very stylish.

We had a hard time sticking to dresses once in the store. They were stalking as I shopped. Here was a few dresses that were also on the hangers!

I love being a part of Crowdtap and I really think if you have not had a chance to join, you should. Especially if you like earning gift cards, having a voice and doing sample shares!

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