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Friday, October 12, 2012

Influenster Has A New Look!

Sound the alarm! has a new look. I was really impressed! The new look is cleaner, user friendly, and I found that now I actually understand Influenster more now than ever. I've been a member since November of last year. When I first joined, I will be honest I was referred by a friend to join and when I did I had no idea quite what it was, what to do, or what was expected. Even when asking my friend, she told me she had a hard time always understanding it but that they sent you boxes, known as a Voxbox and you do tasks that qualifies you for badges that helped you get the next box. Finally after a few months I got my first invite for my first Voxbox and I was hooked to the site.
The new site has a fresh new look. I took a few hours to go through it and envelope myself in every nook and crannie.

I think my favorite part of the site is my profile page. It is now so organized and clear. I think clear is the best word to describe it. Everything has its new little homes and I can tell where everything is without scratching my head. I like that they kept it bright and used color to make the important things pop, like the badges.
The home page is very inviting. Its great to see other members feedback on the first page. Gives me hope to see one of my reviews on there (fingers crossed). The top panel for anyone is open and lets you get to exactly what you need to, to be a member or just see the happenings.

Lastly one other part of this wonderful site I felt was noteworthy was the badges page. Once again, so user friendly. I think my 11 year old daughter could navigate without a question. (May have to put that to the test when she gets home from school) I love being able to see what the other members are up to and interested in what badges they are earning. I feel a lot more connected to the other members. I would love to see in the future a chat room for members to get to know some of these treasured souls. I like the way you can see what badges are possible, what you have, and the different levels of a badge. never ceases to amaze me and now with the site revamp I am more enthusiastic than ever to really dig deep, participate and earn them badges! Can't wait to see what is in store in terms of the coveted VoxBox for the future. If you have not joined, why? Request an invite. I did and now I'm an Influenster! Join now!

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