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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Get Stoked for Summer with Old Navy Shorts!

I was once again so thrilled to be accepted into the Sample and Share for Old Navy Shorts through Crowdtap. Old Navy is one of my favorite place to shop for fashion for the whole family. This sample share included 1 Welcome Letter and 1 Set of Coupons (1 for Style Council member(ME!), 1 for a friend. I decided to take my Mom this round and my daughter. Like I could ever go to Old Navy without my daughter, she is exactly like her Momma, she too has the fashion know how to know Old Navy Rocks!

Walking into Old Navy you could see that shorts were front and center. Nice because I didn't have to search throughout the whole store and they even had great tops and tanks with them so we could complete our outfit.

It was a tough but fun project as there were so many to choose from we were all exhausted from so much trying on! I ended up using my coupon, of course my coupon on me a pair of shorts and my Mom, the second coupon. Which I ended up splurging for a tank set and my mom splurged on a tank set and another pair of shorts! My daughter along for the fun ride. I ended up buying her a pair of shorts, a top and tank set. Lucky girl! Even as I sit here and type there were still a few things I wish I had got while I was there. The shorts this season are really cute and I love that a lot of them had multiple colors in them. Made it so easy to find tops and tanks to match. I was afraid when seeing and trying on the printed shorts that they were going to be to short but when trying them on they were the perfect length and I felt made my short legs actually look longer and dare I say leaner.

The tank set my daughter is wearing in this picture is the one that we all ended up the same color! They were an awesome price of $10 for the dark navy blue and only $3.50 for the white tank under. Then the shorts she is wearing. I couldn't help myself, them are the shorts I chose as well. Seeing how well they looked on her and I just love purple anyway, I had to try them one and well...I fell in love!

My Mom's top pick on shorts were a cute yellow and khaki plaid pair. They really made her legs look great and even without a tan were super flattering! I think that is a really big key to the shorts that are out right now at the beginning of summer. Being able to wear them when you are not sporting the best tan. If they look hot now, you know they are a winner for the whole summer and I have to say...she picked out a winner!

In the end we had a blast. It was so much fun bonding as females, family, and friends. I can only say, "Thanks! Crowdtap and Old Navy! We got some killer shorts and can't wait to sport them out!"

Do you love to try on clothes from Old Navy and giving your opinion? It's fun and easy to talk about doing things you love and there is one site that gives you this...Crowdtap! Come and join in on sample and shares, house parties and much...much more! Earn Gift cards to vendors and donate to charity. It can all be done in one place and that place is Crowdtap!

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