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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting Dolled Up In Old Navy Dresses!

I was given the privilege of being able to do an Old Navy Sample Share with Crowdtap. Old Navy/Crowdtap has these frequently. This one is one of my favorite because it's one of my favorite things to wear...DRESSES! The Party Kit came with a Welcome Letter and 1 sheet of coupons, which consisted of 2 coupons for a Free Dress, one for me and one for a friend. I ended up taking my teenage daughter, Melina, a fashionista as well and lover of Old Navy too! Oh she has learned well from her Mom! We made a whole day out of this event. Went to the local Mall and had lunch then proceeded to Old Navy to pick out our new fabulous dresses.

The selection wasn't as vast as I was expecting. Talking to the staff they said they have been selling the dress as soon as they got them in. Totally understandable! None the less we still had a good amount to choose from.

I am the kind of person who will browse first. I won't even touch a dress. Just look through and see if anything just draws out and speaks to me. My daughter on the other hand is a start from the front of the store and work her way back rummaging through every single dress. She picks up all the ones she loves and keeps them in her hand before heading back to the fitting room.

After finding my few..or even one which was this case I look for my size and pick it up. I also take a back up dress. One I think is pretty but may not choose because I think the color might not look good on my tone or a cut I worry might not be to flattering. I pick up the Asparagus colored Maxi Dress that I thought was stunning. You know how when you just see an article of clothing and you can't stop looking at it. That's how this was and they had my size which was awesome! We take our dresses back and I tried them on... I was right, and that is what the dress hunt is all about! My daughter after trying on I think every dress in the store ended up with the Floral-Chiffon Keyhole Dress in Blue Oracle. Really a beautiful dress that made her look so tan.

In the end we had such a good time bonding and really having that girl time in a place we love. Thanks to Crowdtap we walked out with some killer dresses to begin our spring in style. Old Navy has a wonderful selection online too! If you can't make it out to the store to have a fun filled day of shopping you can go to and pick out some dresses. They have a special 15%off for April Fools and its April Fools only use code ONFOOL. Even if you don't get a chance to shop on April first they always have great deals and coupon codes. Did I mention any order $50 or more ships FREE! That's my favorite putting in all CAPS!

To experience what it's like to be a CrowdTapper you can easily join and possibly be in on the next Sample Share.


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